Company Information

Business Overview

To deliver the world’s most advanced systems as quickly as possible we offer optimal solutions through strategic consulting.

Rikei Corporation always offers a broad array of solutions centered on leading-edge technologies and advanced products around the world based on our network with world-leading manufacturers and partners. Capitalizing on our reliable network that we have formed with one company after another by attempting to tactfully acquire information from all over the world, we will enhance the technological development, planning, and consulting capabilities that we have cultivated to address new problems as they arise.

Business Domains

Rikei Corporation’s
Three Core Businesses

  • System Solutions

    For customers in the private sector, universities, government agencies and research institutes, we provide solutions that include information security, IT equipment and facilities for building networks, AI, IoT, VR/AR, CAD, etc., as total systems tailored to customer needs.

  • Network solutions

    We provide cutting-edge network solutions to customers in broadcasting, telecommunications, and local governments, as well as solutions focused on transmission and distribution of information using wireless and satellite communications.

  • Electronic Components & Instruments

    We provide electronic components and instruments for a wide range of fields such as industrial equipment, automobiles, medical care, optical communications, optical power supply, and security. Our expertise in the products enables us to make optimal proposals tailored to the purpose of use.