Enterprise Information

Enterprise Information

Company Outline

To deliver the world’s most advanced systems as quickly as possible
we offer optimal solutions through strategic consulting.

Rikei Corporation always offers a broad array of solutions centered on leading-edge technologies and advanced products around the world based on our network with world-leading manufacturers and partners. Capitalizing on our reliable network that we have formed with one company after another by attempting to tactfully acquire information from all over the world, we will enhance the technological development, planning, and consulting capabilities that we have cultivated to address new problems as they arise.

Company Guide

 Business Domains

Rikei Corporation’s three core businesses


System Solutions

We offer a wide range of solutions, including infrastructure platforms, information security, 3-D CAD, entrance exam and curriculum systems, virtual reality (VR), and digital marketing in the forms of comprehensive systems that are tailored to customers’ needs for private firms, manufacturers, universities, government offices, and research institutions. We support the IT environment in the digital age in a broad array of areas.

Network Solutions

To answer the demand for 4K, 8K, and other high definition image transmissions and for the ever-growing interest in disaster prevention or reduction, we offer the most advanced solutions with a focus on information transfer and distribution for broadcasters and communication operators. We have a proven track record of serving as a unique multi-vendor integrator using satellite communication and wireless technologies for a quarter of a century.

Electronic Components & Instruments

We offer a broad array of electronic components, instruments, and functional materials to different sectors, including industrial machinery, electric power, automobiles, medical care, and defense. With a high level of expertise in the products that we deal with, we are capable of making proposals that are ideally suited to the purposes of use.
We have long dealt with products in the areas of measurements and simulations. Along with system solutions and network solutions, they are offered as part of the all-inclusive IoT systems.