Social Media policy

Social Media policy


Rikei Group (hereinafter called “the Group”) operates the Group’s social media accounts (hereinafter called “Social Accounts”) stipulated below and complies with this policy to provide valuable communication to users of the Group’s Social Accounts.

Information for Customers and Users

Regarding the information transmitted through social media by the Group, all comments do not necessarily represent the Group’s official announcements and opinions.

Official announcements are made through the Company’s website and press releases.

Attitude and Action to Participate in Social Media

The Group strives to transmit quality information to the Group’s stakeholders, including customers and clients.

Always keeping in mind that information transmitted online is accessible to an unspecified number of users (hereinafter called “Users”), and that, once information is transmitted, it cannot be deleted completely, the Group shall accurately describe information to be transmitted and respond to the contents in good faith to avoid misunderstanding.

Compliance with the Laws and Internal and External Rules


Reasons of Deletion

The Group expects that Users will not post the following content, and shall delete or correct User generated contents as needed.

* This policy is subject to change without notice according to internal and external conditions.

[Inquiries regarding this matter]
For inquiries regarding this matter, use the “Inquiries about the Company in general” form on the Company’s website.

31, July, 2018
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