Network Solutions

Providing cutting-edge solutions with the keywords of information transmission and
distribution to customers such as broadcasting,
telecommunications, and local governments.

  • Aruba Network Solution

    HPE’s “Aruba” provides an enterprise network for realization of digital transformation and secure, stable, and comfortable Wi-Fi environments to the industry’s highest level, and utilizes added value features such as authentication and positional information to provide flexible solutions tailored to the scale of installation. The “Aruba Remote Access Point (RAP)” is also available for users working from home or remote offices.

  • Long-distance wireless access device

    RADWIN‘s “RW2000Alpha”, “RADWINJET”, and “FiberinMotion ” series are 4.9GHz outdoor long-distance wireless LANs for 1:1 and 1:N. They can connect remote areas up to 40 km apart via wireless LAN. The series can also be used while moving, and is offered as a material transmission system for broadcasting and cable TV stations, a disaster prevention information system for municipalities, and a wireless facility for transportation infrastructure.

    Siklu‘s “EtherHaul-600” and “MultiHaul” series is a high-speed wireless LAN with a maximum throughput of 1 Gbps without a license. As a trunk line for Internet services, large-capacity transmission of up to 1km is possible. In addition, the new “EtherHaul-8010 series” provide up to 5km/10Gbps transmission.

  • Plug and Play Internet Access Gateway

    Nomadix’s patented “Dynamic Address Translation (DAT)” technology allows users to connect to the Internet easily without changing any system configurations. Key features include billing management, authentication, bandwidth control, and home page redirection. The Nomadix gateway is perfect for a variety of applications, including hotel billing systems, hotspots, and O2O services.

  • WAN Emulators

    The system replicates various events such as bandwidth, latency, and packet loss on IP networks by simulating terrestrial, wireless, satellite, and other WAN environments. In addition to the conventional hardware supporting up to 100 Gbps, we provide a software version “NetropyVE” supporting up to 1 Gbps without depending on housing. Optimal line emulation is realized by combining with “Traffic Jam”, a traffic generator that can measure network capacity. We also provide traffic generator that can generate thousands of networks and applications, and identify bottlenecks and failure points of performance before the network goes live.

  • Satellite Communications Products

    Providing satellite communications products such as satellite modems, frequency converters, power amplifiers, and various antennas from western countries, as well as designing and building systems by selecting equipment according to users’ application. In addition, supplying and building equipment for mounting on satellite, modules, and X/Y tracking antennas for communications in the field of low earth orbit satellites that are getting attention as a new space business.

  • Digital Video Transmission and Distribution Systems

    To meet the high-end video and audio processing needs of media companies such as broadcasting stations, cable TV stations, and paid streaming providers, we provide total systems from codec equipment compatible with the latest standards to viewing players, quality monitoring, and optimization. In addition to conventional equipment installed in facilities, we also offer a wide range of services, including software configured on the cloud and pay-as-you-go service provision. We support a wide variety of video distribution from end to end, from providing only products to supporting system construction that transcends the boundaries of manufacturers.

  • Digital Video Signal Analysis/Monitoring Products

    Enensys and TestTree provide stable transmission and streaming, along with tools to ensure QoE and QoS. In addition to analysis and monitoring equipment, signal recording and playback equipment, uninterrupted switches for connection redundancy and QoE/QoS monitoring software are available.

  • “Bizlat on Azure”

    A video distribution platform based on the SaaS model that can be started anytime, easily, and immediately. Providing services ranging from knowledge sharing for internal training and sales materials to paid video distribution services, regardless of industry, size, or whether it is live or on-demand. Realizing one-stop solution for video delivery issues not only by offering video distribution processing but also proposals for transmission, delivery networks, and portal sites including customizable viewing players.

  • Disaster Prevention Information Distribution Systems

    We have participated in the “J-alert” (nationwide simultaneous warning system) project from its design and field demonstration test phases and are currently carrying out development, manufacturing, sales, and maintenance of “J-Alert receivers”.
    We also offer a comprehensive disaster prevention information distribution system for local governments, which realizes diversification of transmission methods to citizens by combining the wireless communications with software development.
    This system removes the burden of parallel operations of multiple systems and allows quick delivery of the alerts distributed via J-Alert to various transmission methods such as SNS linkage and CMS (WEB) linkage.
    The system was employed for “Field demonstration tests on multi- transmission methods for disaster prevention information (in Koto Ward),” which was conducted through cooperation with the Fire and Disaster Management Agency (FDMA) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and by Tomigusuku City, Okinawa, etc. In addition to J-Alert distribution, it is providing evacuation guidance and voice transmission to evacuees by establishing wireless connections among outdoor speakers, and digital signages and Wi-Fi spot services by extending wireless networks to elementary schools, which will act as evacuation centers, and evacuation routes.