Company Information

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Rikei is a “Technology Trading Company” in the IT and Electronics Fields
that solve customers’ problems with them.

Rikei’s definition of a “Technical Trading Company” is one that provides solutions that added “technical” value responding to customers’ needs and solve their problems as well as products and instruments purchased from manufacturers and additionally, has highly reliable technologies that support in maintenance and operation.

Management Vision

Being a Partner that Makes Customers’ Dreams Come True

What Rikei Values

Making Your Ideals Reality, Turning Our Experience into Strength

With our expertise cultivated over 60+ year history, Rikei “Makes Your Ideals Reality.”
will continue to be a trustworthy company that contribute to society.

Rikei’s Three Core Businesses

System Solutions

Rikei provides solutions including information security, IT equipment and facilities for network building, AI, IoT, VR/AR, CAD, etc., as a total system tailored to needs of customers in the private sector, universities, government agencies and research institutions etc.

  • Universities
    Safe/Secure IT Environment for Students

    Rikei provides convenient, safe, and fast IT environment for educational institutions.

  • Manufacturing Industry
    Back up Manufacturing Industry

    Rikei provides VR for pre-verification of production line etc., and 3D CAD for industrial product design.

  • AI・IoT
    AI/IoT for Predictive/Situational Analysis

    Used in various fields including visual inspection and facial recognition using image analysis, as well as remote monitoring linked to IoT.

  • Electric Power
    Simulation Software for Photovoltaic/Wind Power Generation

    Rikei provides simulation software to ensure power quality and efficient power transmission.

Network Solutions

Rikei provides cutting-edge network solutions and information transmission/distribution solutions using wireless/satellite communications to customers in broadcasting, telecommunications, and local governments etc.

  • Broadcasting Stations
    Video Distribution

    Rikei realizes high-quality video distribution including live video for broadcasting/cable-TV stations, and video distribution providers.

  • Satellite Communications
    Satellite Communications

    Rikei has been involved in satellite communications business for about 50 years. We provide a wide range of services including construction/installation of equipment and antennas used in the field of low earth orbit satellites that is attracting attention as a new space business.

  • Municipalities
    Wireless Network for Disasters

    Rikei is engaged in building disaster-prevention information-system linked to J-Alert.

  • Hotels
    Supporting Comfortable Hotel Stay

    Rikei provides products that enable in-room video watching and comfortable internet access.

Electric Components & Instruments

Rikei provides electronic components and instruments for a wide range of fields such as industrial equipment, automobiles, medical care, optical communications/ power supply, and security. Our expertise in the products enables to make optimal proposals tailored to each customers’ purpose of use.

  • Automobile/Industrial Equipment
    Works Great Where People Cannot See It

    Our products are used in various fields, including EV (Electric Vehicle) charging stations that are currently a hot topic, and power supply components that can be used in all types of home appliances.

  • Industrial Measuring Instruments
    Used for Various Measurement Applications

    Rikei’s industrial measuring instruments are used for development/evaluation in the manufacturing industry as well as measurement/control of manufacturing equipment, helping testing-time/cost reduction.

  • Functional Materials
    Used in a Wide Range of Fields, including Optical Communications and Medical Care.

    Rikei has provided components that connect optical fibers together and adhesives (resins) used for various applications over the years.

  • Optical Communication
    Optical Fibers Supporting Optical Communications

    Rikei provides optical fibers that enable space-saving at data centers etc., and also develops and proposes them.

Three Reasons to Choose Rikei

  1. 1

    Excellent Procurement Capability that Can Find Out Cutting-Edge Solutions

    Since our foundation in 1957, we have built relationships with the world’s leading companies steadily and have procured a wide range of superior products and solutions from abroad. With our wealth of expertise and excellent partnership with manufacturers, we will provide products to fulfill each customers’ needs.

  2. 2

    Excellent Procurement Capability that Can Find Out Cutting-Edge Solutions

    Since our foundation in 1957, we have built relationships with the world’s leading companies steadily and have procured a wide range of superior products and solutions from abroad. With our wealth of expertise and excellent partnership with manufacturers, we will provide products to fulfill each customers’ needs.

  3. 3

    Problem-Solving Capability Based on Abundant Expertise and Experience

    Rikei believes that it is important to sell products as well as to set up usage environment that our customers expect. We are highly regarded by our customers for our excellent performance that contribute to problem resolution including problem identification, system design, optimal proposal, and user/technical support.
    Regarding universities, we have built on-campus systems for many years and provided on-site operation and support service after the delivery and established confidential relationship. We have a proven track record, especially in the Kansai region.

Rikei in Numbers

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Rikei’s Products and Solutions in Our Society

Rikei’s Products and Solutions are Used in Various Fields in Our Society.

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Rikei builds on-campus infrastructure facilities and wireless networks such as PC installation for classroom-use, and safe/comfortable internet system.

In order to prepare for unexpected disasters such as fires and earthquakes, Rikei provides VR technology that allows users to simulate and drill, as well as disaster-prevention information system linked to J-Alert (National Early Warning System) that instantly deliver emergency information to smartphones, for example ballistic-missile information and earthquake early warning.

Rikei provides 3D CAD software for industrial product design and facial recognition systems for security improvement in factories.
Our simulation technologies enable design and functionality verification of products prior to manufacturing and help to speed up product development cycle.

Rikei provides optical fibers for space-saving in data centers, components connecting optical fibers together, and adhesives (resins) used for various applications.

Rikei provides various equipment related to satellite communications including satellite modems and antennas.
In the low-orbit satellites field that stand out as a new space business, we provide installation service of equipment and modules for satellites, and antennas for satellite data reception.

Installation of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) to automobiles are ongoing in order to help drivers avoid car accidents and drive safely and comfortably. In order to advance AI that is necessary for the system, simulations are conducted in CG space Rikei developed.

Rikei provides equipment that transmit data shot at event sites etc. to broadcasting stations in real time, and pretest internet communication status by simulating problems that may occur on a network, such as mass accesses concentration and malicious attacks. We will also take care of services related to video distribution including advertisements distribution during live broadcasting.

Rikei provides internet gateway devices that enable internet access in hotels without changing network settings, and services that allow guests to watch video from their smartphone on in-room TV screen.

Rikei builds wireless communication facilities that support unmanned remote operation of construction equipment used at construction sites, and also provide IoT communication modules that use satellites to enable communication and data collection even in area where terrestrial communications cannot connect such as desert etc.

Rikei provides simulation software that ensure power quality and efficient transmit electricity. With the mass introduction of distributed generations, especially solar and wind power generation, demand for optimal design and verification of long-distance power grids, power facilities/equipment is growing.

To Be a Sustainable Company

Rikei participates in the SDGs for Regional Revitalization Public-Private Partnership Platform to contribute to local communities in pursuit of the sustainable society, as well as the GX League to achieve carbon neutrality and is working to protect global environment to realize a sustainable future.