Electronic Components & Instruments

We provide a wide range of electronic components, instruments, and electronic materials in a variety of fields, from industrial equipment to automobile, medical, optical communication, and national security. Due to the high level of expertise of the products we handle, we can make the best proposals for the purpose of use.

Electronic Components

We provide LED chips for high-resolution sensor applications, highly reliable resistive and capacitive touch panels for industrial equipment, LDC panel modules, character OLED modules, motherboards, industrial PCs, chip resistors, chip capacitors and ceramic packages.

Power Supplies

We offer high-efficiency switched-mode DIN-rail power supplies from PULS, high efficiency DC/DC converters, AC/DC converters and switching regulators from RECOM, as well as the “ECH450 series” of AC-DC power supplies from XP Power, a range of ultra-compact, high-efficiency, high-voltage and high-frequency power supply modules that function as EN60601-1-compliant medical electrical devices.

Optical fiber and related products

We can make proposals for the development and manufacturing of custom fibers, including single-mode fibers and multi-mode fibers from Photonic Science Technology, and also offer assembly services including fiber termination processing, arraying, bundling, and high-powered connectors.
In addition, we develop prototypes and produce small lots of optical fibers, design and install drawing equipment, and analysis fiber simulation in cooperation with universities. Full-scale mass production of coated fibers by Oplatek Group in Finland, and optical design of systems including optical lenses and thin-film coatings are also available.

Industrial PC as Manufacturing, Medical, and In-vehicle Equipment

Depending on your application, we offer various PCs for industrial equipment that has strengthened robustness and heat releasing performance, etc. for in-plant automation, medical system equipment, and traffic systems.

Measurement & Analysis Solution

We provide NI’s data recording related products that make it possible t o record data on a PC basis , and GPIB related products that serve as measuring equipment control interfaces. In addition, we also provide module-type RF measuring products which are useful for designing and testing wireless devices. The use of software products such as the industry standard “LabVIEW” also help to drastically reduce the amount of time needed for development.

Quake Global's IoT/M2M terrestrial and satellite-compatible module

With 3G/LTE communications certified as compliant with domestic Japanese carrier technical standards and IoT communications modules that support satellite communications, we provide connectivity from locations outside terrestrial signal coverage. The IoT communications module has been adopted by 13 of the world’s top 20 heavy equipment manufacturers and can collect data from anywhere in the world.

Electronic Materials

Epoxy Technology has built an impressive track records spanning decades in the field of optical communication. It has developed hybrid adhesives (which are provisionally cured by ultraviolet rays and permanently cured by heating), that is tailored to customer's processes with the know-how accumulated so far. The company has an extensive record of delivery to not only medical and sensing but also a wide range of fields. It also offers functional materials that meet the needs of customers including AOS Thermal Compounds' non-silicone thermal grease, free of outgassing problems.

Aircraft Related Products/Emergency Rescue Equipment

Airborne ECM (such as chaff and flare), ISO-based portable, expandable shelters, CLT (container load trailer) dollies , free-fall training systems, holographic sights, night-vision equipment, signaling lights for air traffic control, TPL (trapped person locator), and other defense products are available. Available products also include disaster rescue equipment such as the compact self-contained type “Emergency Rescue System".