Company Information

Message from President & CEO

Since its founding, Rikei Corporation has been providing optimal solutions to satisfy customers’ diverse needs and resolve the issues they face, leverages its knowledge and experience, together with products and solutions from around the world. Our catchphrase, “Making Your Ideals Reality, Turning Our Experience into Strength,” summarizes our commitment to our work.
The entire company has been working towards corporate growth for the future to achieve our vision, guided by this catchphrase and our corporate philosophy.

Rikei’s business model, in which the wide range of business fields and industries of our clients and the products we handles are necessarily large, has the aspect of being less susceptible to market trends and economic conditions. We will aim to change from a wholesaler to an engineering trading company by shifting our focus to our own products and highly profitable business fields. Meanwhile, we will bolster our foundations by recruiting human resources to reinforce our corporate structure, integrating Group companies to maximize efficiency, expanding into new business fields, and investing in, merging with, and acquiring companies to create synergies.

In our existing business, we will narrow our business focus to improve operational efficiency while strengthening our relationships of trust with our customers. In the meantime, we plan to diversify into additional businesses. We will start to focus on virtual reality, healthcare, and renewable energy in System Solutions, low-orbit satellites and IoT wireless infrastructure in Network Solutions, and special optical fiber processing (laser data communication) and contract manufacturing in Electronic Components & Instruments.

Considering customers’ rising awareness of the SDGs, we will contribute to society through our activities for carbon neutrality and sustainability, thereby enhancing our corporate value.

As we strive to achieve sustainable corporate growth, we humbly hope to have your continued support.

Satoru Isaka
President & CEO