Enterprise Information

Enterprise Information

Message from President & CEO

Since its foundation, Rikei Corporation has sought to be a company that inspires trust. We do this by providing cutting-edge technologies and solutions to meet customer needs through our core businesses, System Solutions, Network Solutions and Electronic Components and Instruments, while at the same time strengthening ties with IT and electronics companies around the world.

We will constantly strive to be a company that continues to grow by further strengthening and hybridizing (fusing) our existing core businesses, while also actively take on challenges in new business fields that have emerged in recent years, such as IoT, AI, smart energy, new materials and cybersecurity.

In addition, almost having completed the development of the remote office environment and digitalization, we will continue to analyze and collect data from new perspective to make quick and accurate management decisions, enhance product supply, and establish engagement in DX promotion.

In line with our corporate philosophy of “contributing society through the enhancement of the quality, speed, and volume of our business activities as well as through the pursuit of technological innovation,” we will seek to increase our corporate value by attaching importance to interactions with customers, shareholders and individual employees and continuing to grow alongside them. In doing so, we aspire to contribute to the creation of an advanced digital society.

I hope that we can continue to count on your support.

President & CEOSatoru Isaka