System Solutions

Providing solutions including information security, IT infrastructure, CAD,
and new business fields such as AI, IoT, VR/AR, etc.
to private companies, universities, government offices,
and research institutions as a total system that meets needs of customers.

  • HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) Solutions

    An extensive lineup of HPE products is available to support all kinds of workloads. We also offer a wide scope of solutions, such as a hyper-converged virtual infrastructure, Aruba network suitable for performance and security measures and IoT systems.

  • HP Japan Products

    Offering PCs for corporations installed with comprehensive and unique security solutions developed through advanced research & development, and printing solutions with industry-leading advanced technologies.

  • Entrance Exam/Curriculum System “CampusMagic”

    “CampusMagic” is an intuitive and easy-to-operate system that helps educational institutions manage entrance examinations, academic affairs, employment, and attendance. With this system, data such as student attendance, courses, and test scores can be centrally managed at low cost. Equipped with a score analysis tool and web portal function as standard, the system meets a wide range of needs of educational institutions.

  • Secure File Collaboration System “Accellion Kiteworks”

    It provides on-premise solutions that allow secure sharing of large files and folders with external users.

  • VR for vehicle/drone AI development

    A high-resolution VR space is provided to facilitate AI learning for self-driving cars and autonomous flight drones. This allows specific situations to be recreated anytime and anywhere by linking with real city data.

  • IoT Healthcare Products

    Using advanced image analysis technology, we provide products that measure vital signs utilizing only a 2D camera mounted on a smartphone, and products for remote monitoring services for people requiring nursing care that link proximity lasers, image analysis, and IoT.

  • IBM Solutions

    Products supporting IT infrastructure are provided primarily through software. LTO tape systems for video footage libraries used by broadcast stations are also offered.

  • “OpenVMS”

    “OpenVMS”, which used to run on CPU such as DEC’s “VAX”, now can be run on CPU with x86 architecture. Existing “OpenVMS” programming assets are available on new platforms.

  • Electromagnetic Transient Simulation Software for Power Systems “PSCAD V5”

    This software performs instant value-based power system analysis with a GUI that excels at analyzing a variety of power system issues. Enabling the development of graphical power systems, analytics and the output of highly-accurate results, a wide array of components are included as standard and can be created for each user.

  • 3D CAD “Creo”, product life cycle management “PTC Windchill”, AR platform “Vuforia Studio”

    “Creo” is an integrated offering of 3D CAD, CAM, and CAE solutions that feature all the product development processes, ranging from design to the analysis of mechanisms, heat, conduction, and stress. We also provide “Windchill” solution, which offers capabilities for helping to manage enterprise data, bills of materials (BOMs), documents, workflows, changes and collaborations. Integrated with “Vuforia Studio”, an augmented reality (AR) platform, “Creo” enables you within just a few clicks to create and publish a direct AR experience.

  • AI Products

    Providing contracted development of packaged and custom software using AI engines from Mindhive and ax, as well as face recognition engines from GLORY. As for AI, providing technology services in various fields such as visual inspection by image analysis, face recognition, and remote monitoring linked with IoT.