Company Information

Corporate Philosophy /Basic Policies /Code of Conduct

Corporate Philosophy

Rikei Corporation will contribute to society through the enhancement of the quality, speed, and volume of business activities as well as through the pursuit of technological innovation.

Basic Policies of Corporate Management

Rikei Corporation strives to contribute to the development of a highly information-oriented society by supplying solutions meeting the needs of our customers with ideas and advanced technologies well ahead of expected social changes.

Our basic management policies are: to contribute to the creation of an enriched society by enhancing our corporate value and enjoying our prosperity together with our shareholders, customers, and employees by way of complying with laws and regulations, making effective use of our management resources, and improving profitability; and to proactively promote global environmental conservation activities.

Code of Conduct

Rikei Corporation will:

  1. Optimize products embodying advanced technologies in the world and supply such optimized products to the market, thus enhancing customer satisfaction and contributing to society.
  2. Observe laws, internal rules, and social morals and take the most appropriate action under any circumstances, thus fulfilling responsibilities toward society.
  3. Do our utmost to disclose corporate information as needed in a timely manner, thus gaining trust from society.
  4. Ensure the security of confidential corporate information to prevent it from being leaked to the outside.
  5. Actively tackle environmental problems to maintain and improve the global environment.
  6. Try to maintain and enhance our corporate vitality through the education of our personnel resources as well as respect the character and the individuality of each of our employees.
  7. The management will take the initiative in complying with this Code of Conduct. Should an incident that violates this Code of Conduct occur, the management will do its utmost to resolve the problem as well as to determine the cause and prevent the recurrence of similar problems.
  8. Not have any relationship, including business relationship, with antisocial forces, and will flatly reject any unreasonable demand or request from antisocial forces.
  9. Comply with anti-bribery laws and regulations and never engage in acts that could be deemed to be bribery in its dealings with public officials, government officials, or officers/employees of other companies, whether locally or internationally.
  10. Judge and act in accordance with our Basic Policies of Corporate Management if any things not specified herein occur.