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Rikei announces it has started to sell a new WAN emulator “Netropy40G” developed and produced by Apposite Technologies (a U.S. corporation) ? realizing the 40Gbps carrier-class network emulation.

Rikei Corporation (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Tetsuo Kuroda, hereafter “Rikei”) would like to announce that it has started to sell and ship the high-end model “Netropy40G” of the WAN emulator (*1) “Netropy” series developed and produced by Apposite Technologies, Inc. (Head Office: California, USA; President: DC Palter, hereafter “Apposite”)

Outline of the New Product “Netropy40G”

Recently, the needs for wider bandwidths are continuing to increase in the network communications with the high-speed networks and carrier networks used for Internet backbones and data centers beginning to shift to the 40Gbps technology. Such next-generation networks are becoming important and necessary for the IT infrastructure.

The new product “Netropy40G” is a carrier-class network emulator designed to match the 40Gbps network, which is the most advanced top-level product in the Netropy series. Various conditions such as delay and packet loss which may occur in the actual WAN environment can be reproduced in the emulation engine, and verification tests can be conducted very easily under various conditions without the need to connect to an actual WAN network. This product can also be used to test applications, develop network-related products and conduct prior testing of remote backup systems.

As you can do with other Netropy series products, with this new product, you can emulate various complex network environments (N:N) by assigning various conditions to each of channels (up to 15 channels) according to packet header information such as send-to and send-from IP addresses, VLAN tags, MAC addresses, etc. You can operate it easily via your Web browser like all other previous models.


  • Recommendable for carriers, IT divisions of large companies/organizations, providers of hosting services, and data centers.
  • Can withstand use by vendors of network-related products, with total 80Gbps processing ability (for up/down)
  • Compact 1U size.
  • Equipped with one emulation engine capable of reproducing up to 15 different channel settings.
  • 2-port 40Gbps QSFP (*2) is adopted as the interface. Optionally, connection to 1G/10G systems is possible via a SFP+ adapter.
  • Total packet processing ability: 32,000,000 pps

Rikei’s Business Plan

Rikei plans to promote and sell this product actively to communication carriers, system integrators and manufacturers of network-related products.

Price Open
Delivery Lead Time One month or so ARO
Information about Netropy series products available at the following web site


*1 Emulator: A tool which emulates systems, hardware and environments. Apposite’s WAN emulator is a tool which is designed to reproduce actual network environments by emulating them.

*2 QSFP: Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable. A pluggable high-performance SFP module containing 4 channels.

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About Apposite Technologies, Inc.

Apposite Technologies, Inc. is one of world top-class companies that supplies products supporting network construction, including WAN emulators. It was established in 2005 with its head office in California, USA, and its high technological capabilities and the high reliability of its products are highly evaluated and recognized globally by IT-related companies.


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