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Rikei Undertakes Development of Next-Generation Educational VR Content from Chuo Yazaki Service Corporation for Automotive Transportation Businesses to Reduce Traffic Accidents

Rikei Corporation (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Satoru Isaka; hereinafter “Rikei”) is pleased to announce that it has undertaken development of “VR content for safety driving training” for automotive transportation businesses such as buses, taxis, and trucks, from Chuo Yazaki Service Corporation (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Daisuke Kaneko; hereinafter “Chuo Yazaki”), aiming for an official release in 2022.

A main distributor of the content will be Chuo Yazaki. In addition, to realize high-quality next-generation content, it will utilize VR and be supervised by Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director & President: Masato Minami, hereinafter “Kokusai Kogyo”), which operates route bus etc.


  • Simulation of dangerous scenes from car driver’s point of view are available
    – Jumping-out bicyclist from intersections with bad visibility
    – Bicyclists running alongside cars driving on a roadways
    – Hitting pedestrians or motorcycles when making left/right turn
  • Confirmation of correct auto accidents/emergencies procedure

Background of the Businesses Collaboration

The number that the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) treats as serious accidents for buses, taxis, and trucks totals 5,000 annually. Although Companies that provide commercial automotive services such as buses, taxis, and trucks regularly offer safety training to their crews and the number of accidents is decreasing slightly each year, it has been reported that the rate of automotive accident remains high*.

*Reference:Report of the Study Group on Countermeasures for Traffic Accidents Related to Automobile Transportation Business (FY2020)

The business collaboration has realized in order to create a safety educational content that matches the actual automotive traffic situations, based on Chuo Yazaki’s expertise in safety driving, and Kokusai Kogyo’s support from the bus operator’s perspective as well as Rikei’s VR generation technology.

Future Development

Furthermore, Rike is going to add other scenarios to the VR content that are more suitable for the actual automobile traffic situations through demonstration tests that to be conducted and traffic accident experience and danger prediction training in a virtual space, thus strive to contribute to the development of society without automobile accident.

About Chuo Yazaki Service Corporation

Established in 1955, Chuo Yazaki Service Corporation is a specialized trading company that contributes to the development and safety of the motorized society. The company provides a one-stop operation system from sales to installation and after-sales service of automotive vehicles’ management and its operation equipment, etc. as well as system proposals and consulting services related to automotive safety and labor.

Address 3-1-2 Tsukiji Chuo-ku Tokyo, 104-0045
Capital 10 million yen
President & CEO Daisuke Kaneko
Business ・Automotive equipment business
・Taxi meter business

About Kokusai Kogyo Co, Ltd.

Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd. founded in 1940, is the core company of the Kokusai Kogyo Group, which consists of about 40 companies in Japan and overseas. The company operates four main businesses: transportation and traffic services, including route buses in Tokyo and Saitama, sightseeing buses, and chauffeured car; sightseeing and leisure services; trading and distribution services; and real estate development services. It’s group companies operate hotels such as Fujiya Hotel in Hakone and Hanamaki Hot Springs in Iwate, and golf courses including Murasaki Country Club in Chiba, where the Japan Women’s Open Golf Championship 2022 was held. Overseas, the Group operates hotels in the U.S. mainland and Hawaii, which boast history and tradition and attract travelers from all over the world.

Address 2-10-3 Yaesu Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-8460
Capital 100 million yen
Representative Director
& President
Masato Minami
Business ・Ground Passenger transportation service by bus, taxicab, hired car, etc.
・Import, export and sales of various products
・Sales, brokerage, leasing and management of real estate
・Travel agency business based on the Travel Agency Law, and hotel operation business
・Management of driving schools

About Rikei Corporation

Since its establishment in 1957 as a solution vendor in the IT and electronics industries, Rikei Corporation has provided a variety of solutions ranging from systems to networks, VR/AR contents, electronic materials and electronic devices.

Rikei proposes solutions that utilize cutting-edge technologies and advanced products from Japan and overseas, and contributes to business development such as improving efficiency of operations and profits of customers.

Address Shinjuku Mitsui Building No. 2, 3-2-11 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
Capital 3,426 million yen (as of the end of March, 2022)
Representative Satoru Isaka, President & CEO
Established June 8, 1957
Business Provision of system and network solutions and electronic components and devices

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