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Rikei Develops the “Medication Error Prevention System using Facial Recognition” Matching Medicine QR Code with Resident’s Face Using Tablet Camera to Prevent Accidental Medication Mix-Up at Nursing Care Facilities etc.

Rikei Corporation (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Satoru Isaka; hereinafter “Rikei”) is pleased to announce that it has developed the “Medication Error Prevention System using Facial Recognition” as a means of identification when supporting residents with medication administration at nursing care and other facilities.

Product Overview

Rikei’s “Medication Error Prevention System using Facial Recognition” is designed to prevent serious accidents when caregivers at nursing care and other facilities support residents in taking medication as prescribed, such as mistaking a resident’s medication for that of another resident, by matching the prescribed medication with the resident using face recognition.
In advance, take pictures of a resident’s face with a tablet camera and register them as a QR code by linking an ID and his/her name. Then, when taking medication, the QR code printed on the medicine bag is matched with the resident’s face with a tablet camera to make sure the medicine bag belongs to the resident.

Image of facial recognition

The “Medication Error Prevention System using Facial Recognition” has adopted an engine from GLORY LTD., which has an established reputation in recognition and identification technology for coins and banknotes, to achieve extremely high-precision authentication. Therefore, it is also possible to recognize masked or oblique faces.
In addition, the system has a function of medication administration record which allows to check whether medication has been taken or not, thereby preventing hiyari-hatto (*1).

*1 Hiyari-hatto: Near-miss incidents that is very close to causing a serious disaster or accident.

Table of Medication Administration Record


  • Prompt medication confirmation
    Double-checking work of medication administration can be done promptly, such as visual confirmation of resident’s name who should take the medication, as well as date/time when medication should be administered that are printed on the packaged medicine, which was previously done manually.
  • Table of medication administration
    By visualizing whether each medication has been taken or not with the table, caregivers and facility administrators can review medication record.
  • Prevent missing medication
    By linking actual medication administration record to the date/time when medication should be taken as prescribed, if medication has not been taken correctly, a signal or an e-mail alert is sent to prevent missing medication.

Background of the market

Accidental medication errors at nursing care facilities have become social problems recently. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of human error, such as inability to allocate time for double-checking when assisting residents with medication administration due to a shortage of caregivers, and to prepare an environment in which caregivers can work without anxiety while ensuring the safety of residents.

Future development

Rikei will expand the service to pharmacies and nursing care facilities throughout Japan, in collaboration with Takazono Co., Ltd., that is a manufacturer of powder drug and pill packaging machines.

About shipment

Scheduled to be started from Jan. 2023

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