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Rikei Launches “RADWIN 2000 Alpha,” Wireless device that Enables Long-Range Point-to-Point Wireless Communication up to Approx. 40 km

Rikei Corporation (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Satoru Isaka; hereinafter “Rikei”) is pleased to announce that it has started to sell “RADWIN 2000 Alpha,” wireless device from RADWIN Ltd. (Head office: Israel, President & CEO:Sharon Sher, hereinafter “RADWIN”) that enables long-range point-to-point wireless communication(※1)up to approximately 40 km.

(※1)Point-to-point wireless communication: A method of communication that connects two points on a one-to-one basis.

Product Overview

The new “RADWIN 2000 Alpha” is a wireless device for point-to-point communications that enables large-capacity data communication and long-distance transmission. The former model “RADWIN 2000” has been introduced for many applications such as emergency notification system for municipalities, IP phone use at construction sites where cell phone signals do not penetrate, transmission of high-definition video, and high-speed internet service lines. Compared to the former model, the “RADWIN2000 Alpha” has an improved transmission speed by 100 Mbps, and is expected to provide faster and more efficient data transmission.


  • Delivering up to 350 Mbps of effective throughput
    Capable of transmitting large amounts of data and suitable for transmission of high-resolution live video, etc.
  • Up to 40 km transmission range
    A wide service area can be established to meet the needs of customers requiring long-range transmission.
  • Supporting space diversity (*2)
    Solves the problems including unstable transmission due to reflection of wireless device waves depending on the location, such as maritime communications (*3) or in rice paddies.

(*2) Space diversity: A technology that reduces the adverse effects on wireless device waves and stabilizes communications by receiving signals with multiple antennas placed at regular intervals.

(*3) Maritime communications: Communication across the sea, such as between remote islands. At sea, wireless device waves reflect off the surface of the water, degrading the quality of transmission.

Background of the market

In recent years, the volume of data that used in a wide range of fields has been increasing, including telecommunications carriers providing 5G services, broadcasting stations transmitting 4K video, and various data communications in companies (security camera video transmission, IoT data utilization, backbone lines for Internet communications (*4), data transmission between headquarters and factories, unmanned mobile vehicles such as construction machinery and trains). Under such circumstances, the demand for wireless transmission is increasing, requiring stable, high-speed wireless communications.

(*4) Backbone line: A line that is the core of the network connecting bases and businesses.

Future Development

We will propose wireless networks utilizing RADWIN wireless devices to telecommunications carriers, broadcasting stations, and CATV stations that require high-speed and long-range wireless communication, infrastructure applications for construction sites and surveillance cameras, companies and municipalities that provide security measures and disaster prevention and disaster countermeasures.

About shipment

Scheduled to be started from June 2022

Sales price of the main products

Discretionary price

About RADWIN Ltd.

RADWIN Ltd. provides a stable wireless network environment for point-to-point, point-to-multipoint wireless solution, and broadband mobility solutions. They are used for applications including backhaul, broadband access, private network connectivity, and video surveillance transmission for vehicles and ships.

Representative Sharon Sher, President & CEO
Business Development, manufacturing, and sales of wireless devices

About Rikei Corporation

Since its establishment in 1957 as a solution vendor in the IT and electronics industries, Rikei Corporation has provided a variety of solutions ranging from systems to networks, VR/AR contents, electronic materials and electronic devices.

Rikei proposes solutions that utilize cutting-edge technologies and advanced products from Japan and overseas, and contributes to business development such as improving efficiency of operations and profits of customers.

Address Shinjuku Mitsui Building No. 2, 3-2-11 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
Capital 3,426 million yen (as of the end of March, 2022)
Representative Satoru Isaka, President & CEO
Established June 8, 1957
Business Provision of system and network solutions and electronic components and devices

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