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Rikei has started sales of a safety confirmation system using face authentication for Corporate Disaster Countermeasures. Quickly search for face photos captured on camera to ensure smooth safety confirmation in the event of a disaster

Rikei Corporation (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Satoru Isaka; hereinafter “Rikei”) is pleased to announce that it has begun selling the Safety Confirmation System Using Facial Recognition for instant confirmation of evacuees to support corporate disaster countermeasures.

Overview of new product

“The safety confirmation system that uses face authentication” has multiple network cameras installed in evacuation facilities on the site, and in the event of a disaster, the cameras match the face photos of employees registered in advance on the server with those of evacuees, enabling quick identification of where employees evacuated to.

Administrators can quickly check employees whose safety has been confirmed by face matching on the system. In the event of a large-scale disaster, employees on business trips or teleworking can be confirmed by integrating with an e-mail safety confirmation system.

It can also be used in normal times as a system for roll-calling employees or detecting suspicious individuals.


  • Capable of capturing face photos from multiple network cameras
  • High-speed processing for distributed processing (*1)
  • Checking the safety of employees from smartphones and tablets
  • Search results show similarity and can display thumbnails
  • Uses AI engine that can perform high-precision facial recognition even when wearing a face mask or helmet

*1 Distributed processing: A method in which a single process is distributed in parallel to improve processing speed.

Market Background

Introducing a system for confirming the safety of employees in the unfortunate event of a disaster can also help the company implement BCP (business continuity planning). Companies that have industrial complexes, steelworks, or other large factories will have environments that use fire and are risk of accidents and fires. If special pharmaceuticals are involved, regular fire fighting activities will likely not be enough, so each company needs to prepare for disasters in advance.

It is an urgent task to first confirm what damages have been made when conducting quick rescue operations across extensive grounds in case of an emergency. Several hundreds of people work in large factories, so if a fire or something else happens, the question is how quickly you can confirm the safety of all employees.

Based on this background, this system was developed for the purpose of supporting companies’ disaster countermeasures.

Future development

We are offering this mainly to companies with large factories in Japan or factories overseas. We are also considering expanding into crime prevention where quickly searching a huge database of facial photos can help detect unregistered persons and increase security, as well as for systems to manage employee attendance.

Delivery start date

September 2021

Principal product sales price

Minimum composition 4 million yen
*Please contact us for details.

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