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Rikei Joins the SRT Alliance Promoting the SRT Protocol Providing the transmission of high-quality and low-latency streaming video

Rikei Corporation is pleased to announce that it has joined the SRT Alliance, which promotes the SRT video transmission protocol that achieves secure, high-quality and low-latency video streamed via the public internet.*

The SRT Alliance was established by Haivision in Canada in April 2017. More than 500 ICT-related companies around the world have already joined the alliance. Its mission is to overcome challenges in low-latency video streaming and globally change the way that video is streamed by supporting the joint development of the most rapidly growing open source protocol, SRT.

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*SRT: Secure Reliable Transport is a video streaming technology that enables the transmission of the highest quality live video, even via unstable networks. It maintains the consistency and quality of video by adjusting for video and audio disturbances during transmission caused by packet loss, jitter, or bandwidth fluctuation.

In the new normal created by the COVID-19 pandemic, working styles have changing drastically, and the use of video for online meetings, webinars, and other means of communicating information internally have been increasing every year. However, unlike satellite communication lines and the dedicated lines used by broadcast stations, the network lines used to transmit video are not stable and use public internet connections. Therefore, needs for the transmission of secure, high-quality and low latency video at a low cost have been increasing in a wide range of industries.

Since it signed a domestic distributor contract with Haivision in 2017, Rikei has worked to provide their advanced streaming-related products and solutions that transmit video content using the SRT video transmission protocol.

Rikei’s joining the SRT Alliance enables it to now propose not just Haivision’s products but also other SRT-compliant products and solutions that Rikei has developed on its own. By working on the creation of new added-value that goes beyond conventional frameworks such as the traditional frameworks of distributors or system integrators, Rikei will work to resolve problems in the transmission of video.

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