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Rikei to Begin Selling Nomadix Casting from Nomadix Inc.  Secure, Easy Streaming onto Hotel TV

Rikei Corporation (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Satoru Isaka; hereinafter “Rikei”) is pleased to announce that it will begin selling Nomadix Casting on February 1. Nomadix Casting is a new solution from Nomadix Inc. (Head Office: Woodland Hills, California, the United States; Chairman & CEO: Ted Helvey) enabling secure, easy streaming onto the TVs of accommodation facilities.

Background of the market

Recent years have seen the rapid increase in the viewership of content streamed via online apps such as YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu, reflecting the ubiquitization of smartphones and people voluntarily refraining from going out due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, a growing number of people are enjoying this content at home by streaming it onto their TVs.

Product overview

Nomadix Casting from Nomadix Inc. enables users to enjoy streamed content on TV screens easily and securely, even in accommodation facilities while traveling on business, on holiday, or for other purposes.

Accommodation facilities install a dedicated Nomadix Casting server and connect it to their existing network.  Then they connect Chromecast™ for media streaming to the TVs in each guestroom via an HDMI port and create a new wireless LAN connection. This allows guests to easily and securely stream content from their smartphones to the in-room TVs in only a few seconds, just by scanning a QR code displayed on the TV screen with their smartphones. They do not need to install an app on their smartphones or take steps to view content such as setting or entering an ID and password. They can use their smartphones for other things while viewing streamed content.


・Simplified authentication using an on-screen QR code

・Display screen that is customizable with hotel branding

・Support for guest content from over 2000 apps including Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Spotify and more

・Supports numerous languages

・Easy-to-use, web-based management platform

・The product can also be introduced by hotels which have already introduced existing Nomadix devices.

Future development

Riken will sell Nomadix Casting to hotels, inns, minshuku guest houses, and other accommodation facilities.

About Nomadix Inc.

Nomadix Inc. manufactures and sells gateways and appliances which permit the flexible creation of high-speed internet access environments and bandwidth management.

Address Woodland Hills, California, USA
Representative Chairman & CEO: Ted Helvey
Business ・Development and sales of network gateway equipment

・Development and sales of TV casting devices, cloud PBX, and mobile apps


About  Rikei

Rikei offers a wide variety of solutions centered on the world’s cutting edge technologies and advanced products in the fields of system solutions, such as entrance exam and educational affairs systems and IT infrastructure, business strategy, and information security solutions. It also provides network solutions, such as satellite communication data transfer systems, digital video transfer systems, network systems for telecommunication operators and other private companies, wireless access systems, and disaster management information systems. In addition to solutions, Rikei provides electronic components and devices, such as high frequency components, high performance adhesives for industrial use, testers for automotive audio and navigation equipment, power grid analysis systems, defense-related machinery and security systems.

Headquarters Address: Shinjuku Nomura Building, 1-26-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-0535, Japan
Capital: 3,427 million yen(as of the end of March, 2020)
President & CEO: Satoru Isaka
Field of Business: Sales of the following;
  • System Solutions
  • Network Solutions
  • Electronic Components & Instruments
Corporate URL:

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