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Konosu City Conducts Comprehensive Disaster Risk Reduction Drills Utilizing VR  -Experiencing Simulated Fire Scenes through “Evacuation Training VR” Independently Developed by Rikei

Rikei Corporation (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Satoru Isaka; hereinafter “Rikei”) recently cooperated with Konosu City, Saitama Prefecture, regarding the city’s comprehensive disaster risk reduction (DRR) drills.


In recent years, DRR drills conducted on the assumption that a massive earthquake or tsunami or other type of disaster occurred have been gaining importance, and local governments are taking the lead in organizing such drills all over Japan.

Konosu City in Saitama Prefecture has carried out practical DRR drills on the assumption that a massive disaster occurred due to an earthquake, and these drills include hands-on drills, which allow Konosu City and disaster management-related agencies, as well as representatives from local neighborhood associations and voluntary disaster prevention organizations and local residents to work together to cope with the disaster. On Feb. 4, 2017, the city government hosted a DRR drill involving around 1,300 people on the assumption that a strong earthquake of upper 5.0 on the Japanese seismic scale hit.

In this project, Rikei, in conjunction with Flower Community Broadcast Co., Ltd., provided the “Evacuation Training VR” equipment it developed independently, which enabled users to experience simulated evacuation from the scene of a fire. Therefore, it helped to create a keener DRR awareness among the participants and taught them important points to note when evacuating.

Outline of Evacuation Training VR

Reproducing disaster conditions for evacuation drills involves extensive preparations for DRR drill equipment, incurring high costs, and entailing danger if safety is taken into consideration. “Evacuation Training VR” makes the most of the features of virtual reality (VR), enabling users to experience evacuation from a simulated fire scene where black smoke swirls as in a real fire. Users can understand how scary a fire is and learn first-hand important points to note when evacuating.

Strengths of Evacuation Training VR

  • Reproduces a realistic scene of fire using VR images
  • Allows users to experience a succession of actions required for escaping from the fire scene
  • Enables users to move freely in the VR space according to their own will
  • Consists of portable equipment (a personal computer and VR headset)
  • Can be customized upon request
  • Can be rented out temporarily for DRR drills and other purposes

Future Plans

Going forward, Rikei will take the opportunity of this DRR drill to provide DRR drills utilizing VR to a wider range of customers, particularly local governments it has supported in the DRR area. Rikei will also develop systems in the field of fire and disaster management in general, including evacuation drills as well as virtualization of firefighting drills and experience in smoke houses. Rikei aims at creating an environment that allows more people to experience DRR drills by using VR for DRR drills

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