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Rikei starts to sell “Evacuee Facial Recognition System”. Support for safety confirmation by speedy evacuee recognition.

Rikei Corporation (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Satoru Isaka; hereafter “Rikei”) is pleased to announce that it will start to sell “Evacuee Facial Recognition System”.

Market background

If communication base station is destroyed due to large-scale disaster, the area’s communication network becomes useless, and it takes time to recover. Naturally, it is assumed that mobile phones and smartphones cannot be used immediately. When the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, in order to find out separated family and acquaintance, there was no way but to check up on disaster victims’ ledgers and bulletin board one by one at each evacuation center. In the current operation method, there were many cases that accurate information is not recorded in disaster victims’ ledger (* 1), and when the disaster victims’ ledger needs to be updated due to elimination or consolidation of evacuation centers etc., this causes taking a lot of time and effort to reflect the updated information in electronic data managed by municipality.

Provided there is a photograph, “Evacuee Facial Recognition System” can identify the individual on smartphone or tablet, by collating database of facial photograph taken with camera installed at each evacuation.

(* 1) Disaster victims’ ledger: A system for managing information of disaster victims in the event of a disaster. Accurate grasping of the situation of disaster victims allows prevent making oversight of needs of victims’ support, and respond promptly.

Product outline

Set up multiple network cameras in evacuation centers and take photo of people who pass in front of the camera at high speed to register. In evacuation centers where network camera cannot be installed, it is also possible to take photos and register using a smartphone or tablet you have. Save the facial photograph registered at each evacuation center as a database for each evacuation center.

To collate, upload a photo to the application on a smartphone or tablet. Photograph that are judged to have a high degree of similarity on the system are detected from the photograph registered as databases, and possible to verify the evacuation center where the detected separated family stays.

From the viewpoint of privacy protection, “Evacuee Facial Recognition System” has a function to exclude collation target. Also, only local government officials are assumed to access the registration information.


  • Capturing facial photo data from multiple network cameras is possible.
  • Shooting and registration by smartphone or tablet is possible even at evacuation center where network camera cannot be installed
  • High speed processing is possible by corresponding to multiple tasks
  • Collate photo stored on smartphone or tablet to detect where the separated family member is
  • Degree of facial resemblance is displayed in search result
  • Correspond to relocation, elimination, and consolidation of evacuation center
  • Protect individual privacy with search target exclusion function

Future plan

Rikei will propose “Evacuee Facial Recognition System” mainly to municipals that Rikei supports in disaster prevention field. In addition, Rikei intends to distribute “Evacuee Facial Recognition System” to security field that lead to security enhancement as well as system field such as attendance management by utilizing the function that can search a large amount of facial photograph database at high speed

Sales price of main product

Minimum configuration; 7 million yen ~

*Please contact the following inquiries for details .

About Rikei Corporation

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