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Rikei Concluded an Agreement with Siklu Communication Ltd., for Distribution of the High-Speed E-Band Wireless Solution “EtherHaul-1200 Series”

Rikei Corporation (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Tetsuo Kuroda, hereinafter “Rikei”) would like to announce that it has concluded an agreement with Siklu Communication Ltd., (Head Office: Israel, Chairman and President: Izik Kirshenbaum, hereinafter “Siklu”) and started to sell the high-speed wireless solution “EtherHaul-1200 series” operating in the E-band (70 GHz/80 GHz).

Along with the widespread use of smartphones and tablets as well as with the increasing amount of video data or content, traffic on mobile networks and other communications channels is growing rapidly, leading to an increasing demand for the development of high-speed communications infrastructures.

The high-speed E-band wireless solution”EtherHaul-1200 series” is highly useful in locations requiring high throughput, such as places where wired networks are impractical, connections between buildings/campuses, and disaster-prevention networks in which a large number of surveillance cameras are installed.

Our new business partner Siklu entered the E-band wireless backhaul market in 2012 by offering low-cost, high-speed, and high-performance 1 Gbps wireless solutions equipped with its self-developed CMOS modem and single-chip radio transceiver, etc. Siklu’ solutions enable rapid deployment in a short period of time without requiring a wired communications infrastructure, and are thus ideal for applications requiring high-speed wireless communications, including relay networks for small base stations operated by mobile carriers as well as corporate networks and intra-campus networks.
With a total of more than 7,500 links deployed over the last two and a half years, Siklu has established itself as the E-band market leader.

Product Overview

The “EtherHaul-1200 series” operating in the E-band offers up to 1 Gbps radio communications. With VLAN, QoS (Quality of Service), and Ethernet Ring Protection*1 features, the EtherHaul-1200 is available for a variety of applications, including integration into existing networks for the strengthening of networks/infrastructures and replacement with expensive leased fiber lines.
The WEB GUI*2 and Telnet*3 can be used to configure settings. Also available is a calculation tool that enables easy calculation of expected throughput and annual link availability.

*1 Ethernet Ring Protection: A protection switching mechanism for Ethernet ring topologies while ensuring that there are no loops within the ring according to the ITU-T G.8032 standard

*2 WEB GUI (Graphical User Interface): A content management framework designed to allow average users to build and manage complex websites

*3 Telnet: A protocol allowing you to connect to remote computers over a TCP/IP network such as the Internet and Intranet

Main Features

  • High-speed E-band wireless solution, supporting up to 1 Gbps and providing point-to-point wireless connectivity
  • VLAN and QoS supported
  • Ethernet Ring Protection supported
    This enables you to build a redundant network by combining the existing network.
  • Ethernet OAM supported
  • IP67 supported
  • Web-based link calculation
    An easy-to-use tool is available to calculate throughput between locations, making it possible to design networks easily.

Future Plans

We plan to promote and sell the EtherHaul-1200 for use in inter- and intra-campus networks in which high-speed communications are required as well as for use in disaster- prevention networks for local governments.

Sales Price

  • EtherHaul-1200T (1ft or 2ft): Open price
  • EtherHaul-1200F (1ft or 2ft): Open price

Expected Sales Amount

  • Initial year: 10 million Yen
  • Subsequent year: 100 million Yen

* Product names and company names mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

About Siklu Communication Ltd.

Address 43 Hasivim St. Petach Tikva, 49517 Israel
Chairman and President Izik Kirshenbaum
Field of Business Manufacture and sale of E-band wireless solutions

About Rikei Corporation

Headquarters Address Shinjuku Nomura Building, 1-26-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-0535, Japan
Capital ¥3,427 million (as of the end of March, 2014)
President & CEO Tetsuo Kuroda
Field of Business Sales of the following:
  • System Solutions
  • Network Solutions
  • Electronic Components & Instruments
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