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Rikei Corporation (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Tetsuo Kuroda; hereafter called “Rikei”) would like to announce it has concluded a distributor agreement with Digital Arts Inc. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Mr. Toshio Dougu; hereinafter called “Digital Arts”), starting to sell its File Security Solutions, “FinalCode” and “FinalCode for CAD.” (For your information, Rikei is the first company to handle and sell the CAD version of FinalCode.)

Market Background

While data control and management under a secure environment are becoming increasingly complicated due to the recent progress of using cloud-computing and mobile devices, cyber attacks targeting confidential corporate information are becoming so skillful that cases are increasing, in which such information is stolen and leaked outside the company. There are also increased cases in which human errors or management errors cause files containing important corporate information to be leaked. Both types of cases are now big social issues. Because of such circumstances and backgrounds, it is anticipated that information security solutions will continue to be more demanded and sought with a higher priority for introduction and implementation by users regardless of whether they are homes, governmental offices or agencies or businesses.

Especially, in the manufacturing industry, though there are many cases in which products planning, design CAD data and other data need to be transferred to people outside the company, it is difficult to control and manage such data which have left your hands, and it is almost impossible to ensure outside companies’ compliance with your corporate security governance. In cases in which the same data need to be used by their multi-layered subcontractors or partners, traditional ways of leak prevention such as using data encryption (which can only be decrypted by using passwords) and access rights control / management are certainly insufficient for leak prevention.

Digital Arts Inc. with which Rikei has concluded a distributor agreement is a company specializing in the development, production and supply of products and solutions related to IRM (Information Rights Management)*1 based on its excellent filtering technologies, which includes information leak prevention solutions such as web filtering and e-mail filtering which are designed to prevent any risks related to Internet access. It supplies these solutions to governmental offices / agencies, businesses and homes.

*1: IRM (Information Rights Management): This enables detailed access rights management for each file by encrypting document files which are used in business. It is also possible to set up various restrictions, including period / number of file reviews and file operations such as editing, copying / pasting / printing, etc.

Outline of “Final Code”

“FinalCode” is a security solution which is designed on the assumption that files will be transferred externally by e-mail, etc. With this solution, files will be encrypted, and its usage including file-opening state can be tracked and monitored. It is also capable of deleting any of such files remotely, if necessary. Any files encrypted with FinalCode continue to be under the control of IRM regardless of under what environment they are used or reviewed, because it uses both the White List approach*2, in which encrypted files can be used only under a verified application, and the Black List approach*3 which lists applications whose use you want to block, such as screen capturing.

*2: White List approach: A database which contains secure addresses and keywords, and refuses any and all other than such addresses and keywords.

*3: Black List approach: A database which contains addresses and keywords which should be refused, namely refuses all such addresses and keywords.


  • Password-less file security realized
    As files are encrypted by restricting users who can open them, there is no need for password notification, which means there is no risk of information leak caused by the leak of the password.
  • 100% file operation monitoring possible
    Even after sending a file, you can check file operations by the recipient.
  • You can remotely delete the file you sent, if necessary
    Even after sending a file, you can change file access rights, making it possible for the sender to delete the file remotely. You can also make notification settings by means of an alert when an illegal access is attempted.
  • IRM possible for a variety of application files
    IRM can be provided for any files (Word, Excel, PDF) in addition for CAD files.
  • Flexible License Model
    The ASP option and On-Premise option are available. In the case of the ASP option, it does not require system building, so you can introduce it speedily at a low initial cost.

Future Plan

Rikei will promote and offer this product as a new excellent solution, which can prevent damages resulting from the leak of design data and / or CAD data to a third party, mainly targeting customers in the manufacturing industry.


ASP Option

Encryption User License Pack
FinalCode Client 10 Licenses: From Yen 250,000 / year

* FinalCode Viewer will be provided free of charge.

On-Premise Option

Please contact us to make a quote request based on your specific requirements.

* Product names and company names appearing above are trademarks or registered trademarks of respective companies.

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