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Rikei Starts to Sell Apposite’s WAN Emulator “Netropy 10G1,” Capable of Emulating N-to-N Networks up to 10 Gbps (full wire speed)

Rikei Corporation (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Tetsuo Kuroda, hereafter “Rikei”) would like to announce that it has started to sell the newest model of WAN emulator “Netropy 10G1” manufactured by Apposite Technologies Inc., (Head Office: California, U.S, President: DC Palter, hereafter “Apposite”) for which Rikei acts as a distributor in Japan.

About Netropy 10G1

The new model “Netropy 10G” is ideal for use in the testing of applications that work on 10 gigabit Ethernet networks, development of new network equipment, and preliminary verification of remote backups. Conventionally, there is an image of 10 gigabit Ethernet as being used in datacenters or some of large companies, but 10GBASE-T that uses twisted-pair cables is becoming common because of its reduced power consumption. The Netropy 10G1 makes it possible to test applications over 10 Gbps networks at a low cost.
The Netropy series is designed to simulate delay, packet loss, and other conditions of wide area networks (WANs) within Netropy`s Emulation Engines so as to test the performance of applications without the need to connect to real WANs.
Packets can be assigned to the paths (up to 15 paths) by IP source and destination address range, VLAN tag, MAC address, or any other packet identifier, making it possible to emulate complex (N-to-N) networks. Like other Netropy models, the 10G1 can be easily operated through a web browser.


  • Suitable for use by large companies` IT departments, hosting service providers, datacenters Offering a full wire speed of 10 Gbps in each direction (a combined total of 20 Gbps), meeting high requirements of network equipment manufacturers
  • Compact 1U size
  • One Emulation Engine is installed and up to 15 separate links configured with their own conditions can be simulated.
  • Interfaces support 1/10 Gbps SFP+ ports, making it easy to connect to existing devices at a low cost. Optional RJ-45 ports are also available.
  • Available in two versions: 1 Gbps version and 10 Gbps version

Examples of Application Testing

  • Storage via WAN lines
  • Data replication to a datacenter
  • Remote backup and disaster recovery
  • Cloud storage
  • Fast file transfer
  • Database access and replication
  • Conference call and IP video
  • Terrestrial, wireless, Internet, and satellite networks


  • Maximum link speed: 1Gbps or 10 Gbps
  • Maximum aggregate throughput: 20 Gbps (both directions)
  • Number of emulation engines: 1
  • Maximum packet rate: 29 Mpps (full wire speed)
  • Packet classification: IP source and destination address range (IPv4 or IPv6), VLAN tag, MPLS label, TCP/UDP port number, PCP priority level, IP ToS (IP Precedence or DSCP), or any other packet field
  • Setting items: Maximum bandwidth, delay, packet loss, packet corruption, background traffic utilization, prioritization, packet reordering, packet duplication, MTU size specification, etc.

Future Plans

We will devote ourselves to promoting and selling the new Netropy model mainly to carriers, system integrators, and network equipment manufacturers.

Price: Open price

Delivery: One month or more

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* Emulator: In general, an emulator is a tool that simulates systems, hardware, or other devices. Apposite’s WAN emulator is an appliance designed to simulate real time network conditions.

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About Apposite Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in California, U.S., Apposite Technologies is a global leading company specializing in network simulation products such as WAN emulators. Apposite’s high quality, reliable products are very well received by companies around the world.

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