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Rikei Participates in the Attempt to Use Ultrahigh-Speed Internet Sattelite “Kizuna” (WINDS) for the Benefit for the Society

Rikei Corporation (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Tetsuo Kuroda, hereinafter “Rikei”) would like to announce it joined the experiment of the ultrahigh-speed Internet satellite “Kizuna” (WINDS) for the benefit of the society – a project actively being promoted by SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Naoji, Takada, hereinafter “SKY Perfect JSAT”), and that it succeeded in the verification testing of a TCP accelerator “Stampede FX series” (hereinafter “Stampede FX”, which was developed and produced by Comtech EF Data Corp., which is represented by Rikei as the distributor in Japan, under an environment in which the satellite communication was actually used, and under full cooperation from SKY Perfect JSAT.

With satellite communication, some extent of response delay is unavoidable, which causes the throughput (*1) to decrease. The experiment was intended to verify how effective the introduction of a TCP accelerator is against such throughput decrease.

Outline of the Verification Test

Stampede FX Models used FX-4000 ADC (ADC type)
FX-4000 REM (remote type)
Contents of Test 1. File Transfer (FTP)
2. Web Browsing (HTTP)
Location of Test Gunma Center of Satellite Network Inc.
(a company belonging to the SKY Perfect JSAT Group)
Satellite Connection Ultrahigh-Speed Internet Satellite “Kizuna”
(Ka-Band Transponder)

1. Testing of file transfers (FTP)

As for the bandwidth of the satellite communication, the upload speed from a client PC was 24Mbps, and the download speed toward it was 40Mbps, and the delay (round trip) actually measured was about 550msec. Under this environment, a high-volume file was uploaded/downloaded for comparison of line speeds and also for verification. It was verified that using Stampede FX greatly improved (Max. about 30 times) the throughput.

Outline Drawing of Configuration used for Testing File Transfers (FTP)


2. Testing of Web Browsing (HTTP)

As for the bandwidth of the satellite communication, the upload speed from a client PC was 40 Mbps, and the download speed toward it was 24 Mbps with the delay (round trip) being about 550msec, and as for the Internet line speed was maximum 100 Mbps best efforts, which is common for an optical Internet line. Under such a circumstance, upload/download line speeds via the terrestrial Internet line were compared and tested. This test showed that using Stampede FX greatly improved (Max. about 10 times) the throughput.

Outline Drawing of Configuration used for Testing Web Browsing (HTTP)

The result showed Stampede FX equipped with the most advanced technologies is very effective in minimizing the throughput reduction caused by the delay due to satellite communication.

Stampede FX can accelerate and optimize TCP communication via satellite communication and WAN by reducing communication data amount through data compression, and also by using such functions as content cashing, traffic management by means of VLAN (*2) and QoS (*3), and communication monitoring and supervision by maintaining a source IP addrfess.

There are two types of installation configuration; one is one-side configuration in which the FX-4000 ADC is placed on one side, and the other is both-side configuration in which the FX-4000 ADC and the FX-4000 REM are placed on each side with the satellite circuit between them. In the case of the both-side configuration, the ;speed of web browsing and file transfer will be accelerated.

Stampede FX-4000 Series

Future Plan

As a result of the verification testing mentioned above, it has been determined that Stampede FX is very effective in the satellite communication. Encouraged by this result, we will actively promote these products as a good solution which enables efficient communication within the limited bandwidth.


*1 Throughput: Amount of data which can be actually transferred per second in data communication, or number of orders which can be processed per second by a computer.

*2 VLAN: Virtual network built by the function of network devices such as switches, which is separate from physical connection status.

*3 QoS: A technology which guarantees a specific communication speed by reserving a specific bandwidth for a specific communication service on a network.

*Product names and company names appearing above are trademarks or registered trademarks of respective companies.

About Comtech EF Data Corp.

Comtech EF Data Corp. is headquartered in the state of Arizona, USA, developing, producing and supplying products related to satellite communication. Its products are globally used in a variety of systems such as video distribution systems, VSAT systems, cell phone backhaul systems, etc. with a lot of its products being used in Japan, too.


About SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation

SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation is the only company in Japan and the largest business in Asia that provides pay multi-channel broadcasting services and satellite communication services.


About “Kizuna”(WINDS)

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