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Rikei Concluded a Distributor Agreement with RECOM Asia, Starting to Sell its Power Modules.

Rikei Corporation (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Tetsuo Kuroda) would like to announce it has concluded a Distributor Agreement with RECOM ASIA (RECOM ASIA PTE. LTD. (GM: Mr. Ben Lim) based in Singapore, starting to sell RECOM’s power modules.

RECOM is a leading manufacturer with a lineup of standard catalog products, including DC/DC converters, AC/DC converters with single/dual/triple outputs as well as switching regulators, supplying these products to the electronics markets across the world for more than 20 years.

RECOM has been developing these products to meet the technological advance of the markets and the needs of users, and has been improving the quality of its products, earning a worldwide reputation for the high reliability for its products. These products are being used in the fields of industrial machinery, communications systems, medical equipment and military applications using consumer products, and also in all industries which require direct current voltage conversion within the range of 0.25 – 60W.

Rikei plans to sell and supply these products for high-end uses under extremely severe operational temperature environments and for design and military use in COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) equipment and systems, jointly with RECOM, focusing on uses in industrial machinery, communications equipment/systems and medical equipment/systems.

Among various products available from RECOM, POWERLINE PLUS series are products which cover a wide range operating temperatures of -55°C ~ 100°C and can supply various output power within the range of 20 ~ 50W with single/dual outputs, boasting as high efficiency as 92%. They conform to EN55022/FCC Class B (with a built-in EMC filter) and EN50155 Railway Standards. These excellent specifications enable us to expand our sales in the fields indicated above.

Besides the above series, POWERLINE series, INNOLINE series and ECONOLINE series are also available to meet the various needs of our customers.

For details of each of these products, please visit the following Web pages.

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Address: 120 Lower Delta Road #10-03/04 Cendex Center, Singapore 169208
Established: 2004
Representative Officer: GM: Mr.Ben Lim
Field of Business: Manufacturer of various power modules, established in 2004 in Singapore. It has certificates of compliance with )ISO9001, 14001 and ISO/TS16949.

About Rikei Corporation

Address: Shinjuku Nomura Bldg., 1-26-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo 163-0535 , Japan
Capital: Yen 3,426 million (as of the end of March, 2012)
President & CEO: Tetsuo Kuroda
Field of Business: Provider of the following:- System Solutions
– Network Solutions
– Electronic Parts/Components & Instrumentation


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