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Sales Promotion Strengthened Through Cross-Channel Approach Kinokunika Has Adopted the “BizPortal On-Premise System”

Rikei Corporation (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Tetsuo Kuroda) would like to announce Kinokuniya Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO Masafumi Takai) has adopted a service named the “BizPortal On-Premise System” which Rikei has been promoting and supplying.

Background behind Kinokuniya’s adoption of the “BizPortal On-Premise System”

Kinokuniya is providing an environment called “Kinokuniya Wi-Fi” in its stores, in which you can use a variety of Internet services by using high-speed communications which use Wi-Fi. “Kinokuniya Wi-Fi” is designed to provide an environment where you can use various Internet services provided by Kinokuniya from personal computers, smartphones and tablet computers. Kinokuniya had been considering the best sales promotion method by means of a cross-channel approach toward customers of its e-book sales and its store Web members.

Outline of “BizPortal On-Premise”

The “BizPortal On-Premise” (*1) adopted by Kinokuniya this time consists of (1) a authentication server to control Internet accesses and (2) an authentication gateway, Nomadix “AG-2300” which controls connection to the Internet.

Because of the access control function of Nomadix AG-2300, this system can meet various needs such as credit billing, pre-paid type settlement, single sign-on in linkage with an eternal system, etc. And it also becomes possible to conduct cross-channel type promotion, such as attracting Web members to stores, or recommending visitors to stores to become Web members. Using the system’s another function to forcibly display a particular page before displaying users’ Home Page (the first review page)which users have set up, this system can be used for advertising purposes.

*1. The On-Premise System: A system which is designed to have information systems within the company for its own use.

The following points of the system (the BizPortal On-Premise System) have been highly evaluated, leading to Kinokuniya’s adoption of the system.

Points of AG-2300

  • The authentication function is available in linkage with customer information (in linkage with Radius)
  • As this is an appliance type, it is easy to introduce and use.
  • An administrator can forcibly decide the user’s first review page. (Home Page Redirection Function)
  • A lot of introduction cases across the world.

Points of BizPortal

  • You can do Wi-Fi access very easily without the need for complex setup process.
  • Can meet such needs as for private card settlement, credit card settlement, services exclusive for members, or access control.
  • Regardless of how a user set up the Browser, it is possible to post banner ads or campaign notification very efficiently by using the AG-2300’s Home Page Redirection Function.
  • You can freely choose the use type from among various use options such as ASP type, revenue share type (*2), on-premise type, etc.

*2. Revenue Share: Payment for a system or a service is not fixed with the Seller and the Buyer forming a kind of partnership with the total net profit generated by the introduction of a system or a service being shared according to the pre-decided ratio between the Seller and the Buyer.

Future Plan and Action

Kinokuniya plans to get new members by conducting this service and various promotions (including special campaigns, such as giving points to purchasers of books who used Kinokuniya Wi-Fi, and also to expand BizPortal Premise to other additional stores by seeing the status of customer demand at model stores.

* Product names and company names appearing above are trademarks or registered trademarks of the companies.

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