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Rikei Corporation (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Katsuei Aoyagi) would like to announce that its customer Audio-Technica Corporation (Head Office: Machida City, Tokyo, President & CEO: Kazuo Matsushita) has adopted “Attack Board”, a business management solution developed and produced by AGREEMENT Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Koji Toyokura) and which is being handled by Rikei as a business partner of AGREEMENT.

“Attack Board” is an excellent solution which is designed to reduce the burden imposed on the Administrator by automating the entire process from distribution, collection and up to calculation of Excel data by using a Web browser, and to realize accurate and speedy calculations and reporting. When this solution is introduced to the workplace where manual calculations have been a matter of course such as budget control, analysis of profits/losses, etc., the positive effect of such introduction will become clear and evident. At such workplaces, the only change you will see in the case of using “Attack Board” is that Excel data are just uploaded and downloaded while before the introduction of it, Excel data were exchanged within the company with the Excel data attached to e-mails. As Excel itself, to which employees are accustomed, continues to be used, there will be almost no IT literacy problem for employees – which ensures smooth transition to a new system which uses “Attack Board.”

Meanwhile, the Administrator can check the progress status of work at workplaces and also can see the calculation results any time by downloading calculation result reports – which eliminates the need for manual calculation work which has been a must so far. Even when there are changes to control or management items in the current Excel format during the operation of the new system, what you have to do is just to re-register such a new Excel format with the new system, then you can put the existing data into the new Excel format and distribute it. If you want to control or manage data by closing such data at the end of each month, you can use the Version Control Functionality.

At Audio-Technica, in the case of budget control, performance items which should be controlled or administered are different among various divisions – Production Div., Sales Div., and Administration Div. For this reason, they had to pick and transcript figures from among the actual performance data and the forecast data which were submitted in the Excel format by each division, and then had to do manual calculations.. Though macro and function were partially used, they had to do necessary maintenance work each time items to be controlled or administered were changed. Against such a background, they decided to adopt “Attack Board” in order to do budget control work more efficiently and to make speedy management decisions.

The following points of this solution have been highly evaluated by them.

  • Release of employees from the work of distribution, collection and manual calculations which were being done via e-mail, and reduction of the Administrator’s job burden.
  • Ability of remote monitoring of Excel work progress status.
  • Easy introduction and operation
  • Ability to speedily grasp business management information.
  • Expectation as a process to build the foundation for BI introduction.

About Audio-Technica Corporation

Audio-Technica is engaged in the development, production and sale of microphones, headphones, AV accessories for general consumers as well as semiconductor laser products including optical pickup for professional optical disk drives. Their microphones have been used at Olympic events and Grammy Award ceremonies, and Summer Sonic events. It is well known as a company excelling in product design work as it has successfully developed and produced developing lot of products which have won Good Design Award.

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