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Rikei Corporation (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Katsuei Aoyagi) would like to announce it starts to sell a CRM solution intended for universities, “Talisma CRM” which is developed and produced by Talisma Corp. based in the USA (President and CEO: Timothy B. Loomer).

“Talisma CRM” realizes and makes it possible to supply of such information as ads for students, assistance services for students (history of lessens received, assistance services for lessons, life consultant services, assistance services for landing jobs), assistance services to alumni(information about events, assistance services to those wanting to get employed on a irregular timing and the like in a unified platform. By using this solution, students, alumni, university teachers and staff and their parents can obtain such information as history of lessons received by their sons or daughters, lesson assistance services and employment-related assistance services at any time and at any place, or can obtain portal services and other services.

Further, this CRM solution enables you to grasp such information as what communication channel is favored by users from among telephone talks, e-mail, chats, Web portal sites, etc. as well as the educational history, goals, interest, challenges of each individual student and alumnus, thus enabling you to use such information in order to improve their desire for learning and provide pertinent advice for their activities to get employed. “Talisma CRM” will surely increase the rate of your students remaining with your university, improve the brand image of your university, and contribute to making your contribution-soliciting efforts very effective.


  • Ads for students, assistance services to students and alumni and other services are now unified into a single platform.
  • Various communication channels such as telephone, e-mail/chat, Web portals, etc. can be omtegrated for management and operation of the system.
  • By using the Retention Function of this solution, university management can constantly transmit information about events and campaigns to be held at the university which is useful for students, the university management can increase students’ interest in the activities of the university, thus contributing to higher attendance rate of students and to higher rate of their advancing to higher years of education.
  • By using the advanced Knowledge Function of this solution, university management can transmit various information useful for students, which will be helpful for level-up of students and also for sharing information. As it is alsp possible to see the educational history of each student, the university can use such information to provide assistance to students in selecting desirable curricula, or in finding their desired jobs, which will contribute to improving the brand image of the university.
  • This solution also has an advanced Portal Function, which allows people to see information related to the university. By providing information which shows the university is an attractive one, you can expect the number of students who want to enter the university to increase, which will contribute to more revenue from entrance examination fees.

Configuration of the Entire System


Product Drawing of Talisma CRM


“Talisma CRM” is being used by more than 1,700 organizations across the world, including universities, correspondence education organizations, examination agencies, foundations, etc. Major users include “School Corporation Keio Gijuku,” “East Japan NTT,” “Harvard University,” “Fuqua Scholl of Business,” “University of Southern California,” “Georgetown, Penn State,” “Norte Dame,” and “Texas A&M.”

About Talisma

Talisma, an affiliate of Campus Management, was established in 1988 and based in Boca Raton, Florida with offices also in London, UK and Bungalow, India. It is a major software developer and vendor which develops and supplies Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for educational organizations as well as management software for contributions/donations collecting activities.

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About Rikei

For the education market in Japan, Rikei has been supplying administration/center systems, and SNS and portals in the field of CRM. By starting to supply Talisma-made total CRM solutions, Rikei intends to supply more effective solutions toward university management and higher education.

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Capital: 3.426.91 Billion Yen (as of the end of March, 2011)
President & CEO: Katsuei Aoyagi
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