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Rikei Corporation (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Katsuei Aoyagi) would like to announce that its customer HobbyLink Japan (Head Office: Sano City, Tochigi Pref., President and CEO: SCOTT T. HARDS) has recently adopted an Online Fraud Prevention Network Solution, which has been developed and produced by ThreatMetrix Inc. (Heat Office: Los Altos, Calif., President and CEO: Reed Taussig).and which Rikei has been promoting and selling as the distributor in Japan for ThreatMetrix Inc.

HobbyLink Japan is an Internet reseller business established in 1995 which is handling various hobby items ranging from plastic model figures to books and general merchandise. It introduces excellent hobby items made in Japan to overseas customers who find it difficult to get them while introducing unique overseas items to Japanese customers. Hobby Link Japan has been suffering from a lot of online fraud cases involving online settlements, studying and looking for good solutions to reduce losses caused by such fraud cases.

“ThreatMetrix Online Fraud Prevention Network Solution” adopted by HobbyLink Japan this time is the only global on-line fraud prevention network solution available in the market, which is designed to prevent fraud actions on the Web, create e-commerce new accounts and efficiently speed up online settlements and account log-in. process.

Most online fraud prevention and customer authentication systems require private information to be entered in order to judge whether the customer is the person himself or herself, or whether he or she is accessing with ill intention. Meanwhile, “ThreatMetrix Online Fraud Prevention Network Solution” does not require any private information to be entered, and instead, it automatically obtains Web transaction information such as device information like the PC, geographical information like the country, and checks real-time whether multiple credit cards were not used on the same date of the authentication, and whether expensive purchases were not made, and whether the country from which access was made differed each day as well as whether a proxy server is not being used. At the same time, this system is also designed to check the list of devices stored in the database to determine real-time whether the device was not used in the past fraud cases to tell whether he or she is not accessing with any ill intention.

The following is a list of advantages of this system which caused HobbyLink Japan to decide to adopt this solution.

  • Easy introduction (just inserting a HTML tag into the Settlement Page)
  • No need to ask customers to enter any additional information.
  • Real-time checks of devices used and real-time judgment on whether a fraud case or not.
  • Ability to change risk policies on HobbyLind Japan side.
  • Ability to use a black list covering devices which were used in several millions of fraud cases reported across the world.
  • High cost-performance.
  • The fact that about 75% of fraud cases outside Japan have been prevented by adopting this solution.

About ThreatMetrix Online Fraud Prevention Network Solution


  • Assigns a specific device ID to each PC for identification purpose and can identify each PC with high accuracy.
  • Identifies each PC accurately even if IP address is changed, access location is moved or a proxy server is used.
  • No need for changing your browser or for using Cookie.
  • Can identify even a PC infected with a bot virus (*).
  • Various risks such as use of a proxy server, multiple use of the same credit card within a short time, use of multiple accounts, etc. are scored, based on which you can change your responses (approval, refusal or re-check).

* bot virus = a kind of virus which causes serious damages, with which an attacker with ill intention will send a huge number of unwanted e-mails to a target PC through remote control from outside, or take out information within a target computer.

How to Introduce the Solution
You just insert the ThreatMetrix HTML tag into your e-commerce Settlement Page. This makes it possible to assign a specific device ID and a risk value to each PC accessing the page.

ASP Service Fee (which differs with the number of sessions)

  • Initial Cost: From Yen 50,000
  • Monthly Fee: From Yen 50,000

About ThreatMetrix Inc.

ThreatMetrix Inc. is a company established in 2005, headquartered in Los Altos, Calif, engaged in the business of developing and producing on-demand security applications. It is supplying online fraud prevention solutions to e-commerce companies, credit card settlement companies, etc. Since it released a SaaS model in 2009, its solutions have been adopted by more than 200 companies in the areas of social networks, banking services, e-commerce and marketing businesses related to these areas. It is aggressively doing business globally, centering on the USA.


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