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Rikei Corporation (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Katsuei Aoyagi) would like to announce it has concluded a distributor agreement with Epoxy Technology, Inc. (Head Office: Massachusetts, President: Frank Kulesza), starting to sell its “EPO-TEK Series” adhesives which feature high-performance and high-reliability for use by various industries.

Epoxy Technology Inc. is specializing in the development and production of various grades and types of epoxy resin-based adhesives, supplying high-quality epoxy adhesives and coating materials to most advanced high-tech industries across the world. Product quality is controlled and managed under its quality assurance programs conforming to ISO 9001 and MIL-STD 883/5011 with production being made in compliance with RoHS and its Green Procurement Program with full consideration to environmental aspects of its procurement and production.

Electrically & Thermally Conductive Epoxy

Electrically & thermally conductive epoxy series are mainly and widely used in the semiconductors, opto-electronics, automobiles, aerospace and electronics industries. You can select a specific product from among this series which best matches your intended use in consideration of your requirements in terms of physical characteristics, electric characteristics and heat dissipation characteristics.

Thermally Conductive & Electrically Insulating Epoxy

Thermally conductive & Electrically Insulating epoxy series are being widely used for bonding and potting applications in high-tech electronics industries. Their use is mainly to reduce heat and improve insulation withstanding ability and protect circuits. But for other uses, this series provide unrivaled stable performance and high reliability.

Optical & Fiber Optics

This epoxy series for Optical & fiber optics are being widely used for the applications of bonding and protection coating in the field of optical communications. For example, they are used to attach connectors to optical fiber cables, fasten opto-electronics devices, bundle optical fiber cables, and for many other applications in various fields such as aircrafts, satellites, medical equipment, scientific instruments, etc. Especially, they have been the de-fact industry standard for these 20 years as adhesives for fastening an optical fiber cable and the ferrule of an optical connector, being used across the world because of their high reliability that no competing products can provide.

UV Curing Type Epoxy

This epoxy product is a relatively new category of product which cures when it is exposed to UV (ultra-violet) rays. Its wide applications include potting, molding, coating, etc.,

To select a specific epoxy adhesive from among a lot of applicant adhesives indicated above, you have to consider your intended application and the requirements that the final product should have, and also the requirements of your production process. To help you to make your production process more efficient and to simplify your production management, some of our epoxy products can be delivered to you in the form of small packs of two-part adhesives or in the form of syringes containing the mix of two parts, which are frozen after such mix, if you want so. Rikei can assure you that we will deliver the most suitable product which matches your needs.

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About Epoxy Technology, Inc.

Epoxy Technology, Inc. is a manufacturer based in Massachusetts that has developed and is producing professional adhesives “EPO-TEK” series which are being widely used for most advanced high-tech applications. Its products provide excellent performance and high quality to the various industries of electronic equipments, medical equipments, semiconductors, fiber optics, etc.

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