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Rikei Corporation (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Katsuei Aoyagi) would like to announce it has concluded a distributor agreement with Bomgar Corporation (Head Office: USA, CEO: Joel Bomgar) and starts to sell its appliance product “BomgarBox”) which is designed to provide a highly efficient and secure remote PC control support capability.

Bomgar is a company based in Mississippi, USA, which is specializing in developing and supplying appliance-based remote desktop control solutions. This product is designed to enable you to provide support by means of remote PC control as if you were operating on a client screen without the need to visit the troubled site, providing a highly efficient and secure remote support environment. This product is being used by more than 5,600 user companies in 45 countries across the world. Without having to go to the troubled site, this solution provides support.

These days, the number of virus infection cases or unauthorized access cases are increasing, making it necessary to respond quickly to such cases and to arrange efficient IT personnel which matches the importance of such cases. As BomgarBox enables you to provide direct remote control, you can provide the most efficient support and resolve any trouble at a low cost by overcoming problems related to technology, distance and time.

BomgarBox which enables you to provide remote support is an easy-to-use product which enables your immediate access to remote PCs without requiring you to install a special software product or to set up a special firewall. Moreover, it provides excellent security because of its data encryption function. And it is possible to do virtual access to PCs or servers on which Operating Systems of Windows, Mac or Linux are installed. In addition, you can access Window Mobiles or other mobile terminals such as now popular Smart Phones. Remote control capability of this product dramatically changes client support and staff management, leading to higher efficiency.

Effect of Introduction and Features

  • Quick Response

– As this product can control PCs directly and provide Web-based remote control, you can save the time to have to visit the site and the travel expenses.
– You can provide support through chatting with a client PC.
– You can share information by means of client session transfer, increasing the rate of trouble solution with one initial support.

  • Secure Steps

– As this is an appliance-based solution, you can deploy it on the site and its introduction is safe and easy,
– Support session log is stored and the procedure is stored in a flash memory.
– Secure diagnosis tool and fair transfer function are available.

  • Easy Management

– Linkage with LDAP and RADIUS possible.
– Linkage with BMC Remedy Service (*1) possible.
– Re-start and re-connection with a client environment possible.

(*1: This is a software product which can support trouble-solution methods ranging from incident management to trouble management.)

  • Better Processing Capability

– Can control multiple sessions by means of a tab interface.
– Supports multiple platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Windows Mobile.
– Controls network devices through the command line interface.
– Supports remote computers regardless of whether they are attended by personnel or non-attended.

Possible applications of BomgarBox include use as Help Desk at Information System Divisions of businesses, governmental agencies and universities as well as use as user support at software companies and systems manufacturers.

Rikei plans to do active sales activities toward Information System Divisions of major companies and of other companies or organizations in various fields with the aim of introducing this product into 30 companies during the initial year. Initial introduction cost ranges from Yen 1,013,000.

About Bomgar

Bomgar was established in 2003 with its headquarters located in Ridgeland, Mississippi, USA, and is engaged in developing and supplying appliance-based remote desktop solutions, providing efficient and secure remote support environments. This product is being used by more than 5,600 user companies in 45 countries across the world.

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