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Rikei Corporation (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Katsuei Aoyagi) would like to announce it strengthens sales in Japan of an electric power systems/conversion software simulator “PSCAD V4.2.1” for an application of building Smart Grid, which is developed and produced by a Manitoba HVDC Research Centre Inc. (Head Office: Canada, Managing Director: Paul Wilson) for which Rikei is the Master Distributor in Japan.

The Smart Grid is an electric power network which is designed to optimize electric power supply by providing to the network the ability to automatically adjust electric power demand and supply by using the most advanced IT and electronics technologies. It is now attracting wide and strong attention due to the ongoing trend for eco-friendly products and systems. Under such circumstances, it has become necessary to build electric power transmission networks which are designed to save wastes, optimize energy demand/supply and attain the maximum effect with the minimum cost. For this purpose, an excellent and very accurate simulation is a must in order to find the best solution in consideration of costs, maintenance and management.

In the case of electric power generated by natural energy obtained on the ground such as solar or wind power generation, it is also a great challenge to smooth it because such electric power amount always changes and is not constant.

The electric power systems/conversion simulation software PSCAD whose sales are strengthened by us this time is a software product which has been developed in order to simulate various phenomena of complex electric power systems for the purpose of optimizing electric power demand/supply and smoothing generated electric power amounts. This software product together with its excellent GUI is being used for these purposes worldwide, and greatly reduces the time needed for system design work which used to take a long time as well as greatly reduces costs, greatly contributing to building smart grids by providing accurate electric power simulations

Advantages of PSCAD in Building Smart Grids

  • As it has been used in designing existing large-scale electric power network circuits, simulations in linkage with existing systems are possible.
  • Design simulation technology used in large-scale electric power networks has also made simulations possible even in smart grids which are often said as small-scale electric power networks, making it possible to smooth distributed power sources such as solar/wind/fuel cell power generation.
  • It has an extremely easy-to-use GUI, which makes it possible to easily build circuits, contributing to shorter development periods and cost savings.
  • Its unique algorithm has attained extremely high accuracy in control time which is necessary to control power electronics, etc.
  • A lot of components needed for electric power systems simulation are available. They are supplied as a library, allowing you to build highly accurate circuits very easily by just doing Copy & Paste.
  • Many custom components are also available. Such components are supplied on a default basis. If you need any specific components, you can produce your own components.

About Manitoba

Manitoba HVDC Research Center is headquartered in Manitoba, Canada, and is engaged in the business of developing, selling and providing support for simulation software products for electric power systems, and also in pushing various research projects related to electric power systems. PSCAD is a leading software product across the world in the field of electric power system simulations. It began to be sold about 15 years ago and is now being used by electric power companies, companies in the heavy electric power equipment industry, education and research institutions.

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