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Rikei Corporation (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Katsuei Aoyagi) would like to announce it has concluded a distributor agreement Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. (Head Office: Santa Clara, Calif, CEO: Kewei Yang) and starts to sell its multi-media interface IC.

Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. (“Analogix” hereafter) has its head office at Santa Clara, Calif, and is a major fab-less manufacturer of semiconductor devices with strong expertise in the field of high-speed SerDes *1 and mixed signals *2 . Since its establishement in 2002, it has been leading the revolution of multi-media interfaces for HDMI *3 and DisplayPort *4 .

The multi-media interface ICs developed by Analgix are high-performance analog mixed signal ICs highly optimized to meet the needs of the portable/mobile products market and the personal computer display market.

The epoch-making “CoolHD” technology which only Analogix can provide is the technology which enables the power, which is usually consumed as heat under an ordinary HDMI link, to be recycle-used as drive power for transmitters. ANX7150 and other HDMI transmitters which have incorporated the “CoolHD” technology are revolutionizing the portable equipment market. With these products, you can transmit video images or music from portable equipement to LCD TV, etc. without the need to supply big power required by ordinary HDMI transmitter ICs from the batteries of portable devices. This feature can not only extend the replay time of portable equipment but also reduce the sizes of batteries or equipment. This “CoolHD” technology can be applied to digital cameras, portable media players, Net Book PCs, and other portable terminal units.

And Analogix is engaged in the standardization of DisplayPort from the beginning by successfully developing and producing the first VESA-certified transmitter IC in 2006, and has been contributing to its popularization of DisplayPort. DisplayPort is expected to be used mainly for PCs, and the global market size of DisplayPort-compliant units is expected to grow to 400 million in 2011.

Analogix is supplying custom receiver ICs, transmitter ICs like ANX9804 and ANX9805, and converter ICs like ANX9830 and ANX9832 to enable its OEM customers to develop next-generation epoch-making products by fully using the unique capabilities of DisplayPort.

Rikei, together with Analogix, plans to actively promote Analogix multi-media interface ICs to Japanese manufacturers of portable terminal units.

About Analogix Semiconductor, Inc.

A major fab-less manufacturer of semiconductor devices with its main office in Santa Clara, Calif. It is a major innovator and a global supplier of ICs compliant with two standards of HDMI and DisplayPort. It also has successfully developed and produced VESA *5 -certified DisplayPort-compliant transmitters for the first time in the world. It has a development center in Beijing, China with sales offices in Japan, Taiwan, Korea and China besides the USA.


*1: SerDes: Abbreviation for SERializer/DESeruakuzer. A circuit for mutual conversion of serials signals and parallel signals in the bus of computers, etc.

*2: Mixed Signal: Mixed status of analog and digital signals in a circuit.

*3: HDMI: Abbreviation forHigh-Definition Multimedia Interface. An interface standard used in digital electric home appliances such as digital TVs or AV equipment. It is based on he DVI Standard used in connecting PC displays with improvements for AV electric home appliances by adding voice transmission function, copyright protectin function(to prevent illegal copying of digital contents, etc.) and color difference transmission function. As it enables transmission of images, voices and control signals over a single cable, it is easy to do connection and removal. It is being increasingly used in thin-type TVs and DVD recorders.

*4: DisplayPort: One of next-generation standards for digital image transmission interfaces designed to connect between a digital display such as LCD display and a PC. This standard is intended to succeed DVI. It was formulated by a Standardization Organization VESA, and the volume of image data which can be transmitted is dramatically increasing. Compared with a similar standard HDMI, this requires fewer wiring connections as images, voices and clock are changed into packets and sent. It also features scaleablity and expandability. This is often used in image/voice output terminals of NoteBook PCs. Its application for very high definition products is also expected.

*5: VESA: Abbreviation for Video Electronics Standards Association. A standardization organization in charge of establishing standards for video peripheral equipment of PCs or workstations.

*Company names and product names appearing above are trademarks or registered trademarks of the parties.


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