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Rikei Corporation (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Katsuei Aoyagi) would like to announce that it has delivered an examination/educational guidance system “CampusMagic”, which was developed and produced by Variant Soft to Kyushu Dental College (Kokura-kita-ku, Kita-Kyushu, President & Board Chairman: Jinichi Fukuda ), successfully setting up the system there.

“CampusMagic” is an examination/educational guidance system which is designed to create a data sheet for each of students and to enable each collage to efficiently manage on a computer screen such data as date of collage entrance, records of courses taken, attendance records, academic results, etc.

When Kyushu Dental College was going to upgrade its in-collage information management system, it wanted to visualize each student’s academic results and all of various information within its campus for highly efficient management. The system component products and system development results, which enabled the collage to easily and efficiently manage each student’s data from the entrance examination result to graduation and also to be able to use the data for academic result analysis, were highly evaluated by the college, which led to their introduction of “IC College”, a predecessor of “CampusMagic”, in 2006 and then “CampusMagic”, a successor of “IC College” in 2008.

The introduction of “CampusMagic” has made it possible to drastically reduce administration costs and work hours and to highly increase efficiency. Using this system, the college is conducting attendance records managements by means of IC cards as well as each student’s data analysis (mainly, academic results analysis), providing educational guidance based on a unified guidance system for the entire college. As a result, Kyushu Dental College was able to improve the success rate of the national dentist examination from 18th (in 2009) among 29 colleges/universities across Japan to 7th (in 2009).

We would like to stress that it has been proved that the system concept of “CampusMagic” surely and strongly supports college/university management and educational improvements. Kyushu Dental Collage says this system is the best available system which can meet various needs at the campus which are required by educational institutions. This system is greatly contributing to the improvement of the value of colleges/universities.

Features and Functions of CampusMagic

  • Easy Data Management

– You can manage data for each student such as course registration records, attendance records, academic results, etc. on a single computer screen.

  • Simple Operability

– You can run the system through simple menus which are easy to understand even for unskilled users.

  • Secondary Use of Data Possible

– All kinds of data sheets can be stored in Excel or PDF.

  • Time Slip Function

– You can print or input various records in the previous year or prior to repeat a year.
– You can process things as those in the previous academic year even after the completion of procedures for moving-up grades or for yearly renewal.

  • Data Output for Data Mining

– You can output data for data mining onto Access to allow you to conduct corelation analysis of academic results.
– It is also possible to display available analysis software names off-line.

  • Automatic Transmission of E-Mails to Students who are absent for many continuous days

– The system can be set to send a warning e-mail message to students who are absent for two continuous days or students whose absence exceeds one-quarter of the total number of lessen hours per curriculum. You can freely set the conditions for sending this message.
– You can freely set the send-to party (parties) such as students themselves, their parents or the Student Service Section.

  • Use of IC Cards as Student Certificates

– Each student’s presence/absence information will be obtained through a non-contact card reader.

  • Excellent Cost Performance

Rikei plans to sell 20 sets of this system/year to high schools, vocational schools, universities, colleges, etc.

About Kyushu Dental College

2-6-1, Manazuru, Kokura-kita, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka
1914 as a private Kyushu Dental School.
Number of Students:
Dental School (6 years) 600
Post-Graduate School (4 years) 100
President & Board Chairman:
Jinichi Fukuda


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