Rikei’s System Solutions

In 1964, Rikei delivered to the University of Tokyo a computer manufactured by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). As the first unit in Japan, it very quickly earned widespread renown and the nickname Minicon. We subsequently delivered the computer to universities and research institutes across the country. This early history constitutes the foundation of our System Solutions business as it is today. Since then, we have consistently anticipated the future, to offer solutions for information security, three-dimensional CAD, virtual reality, digital marketing and others as comprehensive systems. We provide IT solutions for the digital age in a broad array of domains.

Key Points of System Solutions


An extensive track record of business with cultural and educational institutions and government offices

We offer a diverse lineup of solutions, including IT infrastructure, office systems and security solutions in the form of comprehensive systems. The entrance exam and curriculum system satisfies the extensive needs of educational institutions by supporting students’ attendance checks and analyses of their results.


Excelling in serving private companies and in system development

We offer a broad array of solutions, such as those for digital marketing, information security, business administration strategy, IoT, VR and others as a new field. We are capable of developing systems tailored to customers’ needs, earning high marks for our strength in technology.


A customer base chiefly comprising manufacturers

We have been providing to customers across the country three-dimensional CAD systems used by manufacturers in the process of design and development. We also provide security solutions that prevent CAD data leakage as well as three-dimensional image capturing systems.