Rikei’s Network Solutions

In 1974, Rikei delivered a satellite tracking antenna and a telemeter system to the Showa Base in Antarctica. It was a product from U.S.-based Scientific Atlanta Inc. (now Cisco Systems G.K.). After this Showa Base project, we engaged in several projects for antennas and satellite communication. In 1976, we received an order from a major air carrier for an online booking system that links the principal airports, branches and agencies. Since then, we have been delivering information and communication systems to private companies and communication carriers. This is the origin of our Network Solutions business.

Key Points of Network Solutions


Responding needs for higher-capacity video distribution

In line with mounting demand for 4K, 8K and other high-definition video transmission, the video data volume is constantly on the increase. Under these circumstances, we provide broadcasters and telecommunications carriers with state-of-the-art solutions on the basis of our experience of operating the satellite communication and data communication-related business for more than 40 years.


Disaster prevention information systems that respond to ever-growing interests in disaster prevention and reduction

J-Alert is a system that allows the national government to instantly distribute to inhabitants emergency information, such as information for the protection of people (e.g. information on a ballistic missile), tsunami warnings and earthquake early warnings. It is Rikei that proposed this system to the Fire and Disaster Management Agency in 2003. Since then, it has taken its current form, and we have been contributing to the efforts of individual local governments to achieve diverse means of communication.


A powerful support system

Rikei has set up support offices at every corner of the country to swiftly and appropriately respond to customers’ requests and constructed a service network centering on the Headquarters and the Technical & Engineering Center. Acquiring a construction business license in the telecommunication engineering business, we provide one-stop support services covering system proposals, product provision, development, education and maintenance in a bid to ensure customer satisfaction.