Rikei’s Electronic Components & Instruments

In the 1960s, the word of IC was not widely known. At that time, Rikei became an export and sales dealer of U.S.-based Motorola Semiconductor Products (now Motorola) to begin selling Motorola’s ICs to major electric appliance manufactures on a full scale. In addition, we have discovered a large number of electronics products and electronic components incorporating cutting-edge technologies to expand our customer base and our business portfolio. This has evolved into today’s Electronic Components & Instruments business.

Key Points of Electronic Components & Instruments


The Internet of Things (IoT) realized by Rikei

We realize the Internet of Things (IoT) with sensor-related electronic components and analysis applications. We procure a wide variety of products with advanced technologies and reliability from Japan and overseas to offer them to customers. They include RF recorders and players, which help reduce man-hours in different communication tests for automatic driving, signal generators and simulation software for electric power systems.


A wide variety of electronic components

Rikei offers electronic components for implementation for various industries and measuring systems used in social infrastructure. In addition, we supply Japan’s unique precision electronic components to overseas manufacturers of communication equipment and electronic instruments.


Special materials

Functional adhesives are used in many different areas, ranging from industrial machinery to medical care. Rikei is capable of proposing different functional adhesives according to curing conditions and has a strong track record in delivery. In the defense domain, we have long been offering various defense devices including materials for self-defense to be installed in aircrafts, and special components such as microwave and millimeter wave.