Strengths of RIKEI

Strengths of RIKEI

Strengths of RIKEI

That lies in coverage of three business domains, namely system solutions, network solutions, and electronic components and instruments. It is not seen among mere system integrators or among specialized trading companies.

The Electronic Components and Instruments business deals with sensors that collect data. The data are transferred on the network and analyzed on the server. This is the Internet of Things (IoT), a hot technological trend in today’s digital age. Rikei covers it with its three business segments.

Three Reasons for Choosing Rikei

Superiority in procurement for providing optimal solution

Rikei Corporation marked the 60th anniversary of its foundation in 2017.

Since our establishment, we have built close ties with world-leading IT firms and electronics companies.
In addition, we have made positive transactions with venture companies owning new technologies. That has allowed us to choose from among a large number of products and propose only the most technically outstanding that meet the needs of our customers.

Backed by 60 years of history and experience, Rikei will not disappoint you with its strength in procurement.

Problem-solving ability to meet customers’ expectations

Our service are not confined to mere sales of products incorporating the latest technology. It is vital to integrate the products into a system and to create environments of use expected by customers.

As we place top priority on solving customers’ problems, we can provide best suited solutions.

Expertise in technology gives reassurance in all phases from proposals to maintenance

A high level of expertise in technology is essential to the integration and operation of the latest equipment, which is ever evolving. Rikei maintains its Technical & Engineering Center at Makuhari in Chiba Prefecture, with technical teams at its headquarters in Tokyo and in the Osaka Branch. Experts in the latest technologies, our staff communicate with customers to answer their requests.

For reassurance in support and maintenance after inauguration, our experienced engineering staff will take swift action. As a technical trading company specializing in IT and electronics, Rikei deals with everything from product proposals to maintenance in an effort to build closer ties of trust with customers.